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Bamboo Plants

In addition to having a bamboo home with bamboo flooring, we also wanted to have fast-growing beautiful bamboo on our property.


We purchased our first bamboo plants from Quindembo Bamboo Nursery in September 2022.

Below is a list of all the bamboo plants we purchased. The first 2 hedge plants were placed in the avocado orchard for privacy. The other 3 were planted behind the house in Citrus Hill.


Murray Island


A beautiful and lush dark green presence from Australia that is often 12-15 feet in height, possibly upwards of 20 feet in some areas with heavy rainfall. Makes a great short hedge with a nice tight footprint.  Read more...


Chinese Hedge


A classic choice for a garden hedge or privacy screen. Alphonse Karr will range between 15 and 25 feet tall, depending on planting environments.  Resorts often and easily keep these plants maintained smaller and shorter.  Read more...


Timor Black


An stunning ornamental landscape specimen from East Timor in the Indonesian Archipelago; this species has shiny black canes with intermittent green stripes and generally attains a height somewhere between 40 and 60 feet, depending on location.  Canes are about 4” in diameter.  This plant is quick to size and stature.  The canes emerge green, turn a rich koa brown, and darken to real black...  Read more...


Barbie/Tropical Blue


This is a classic, elegant, and fast growing; a fabulous privacy screen, windbreak, or stand alone landscape specimen bamboo with great color accents. that grows to  30-35 feet tall.  Read more...


New Guinea Sweet Shoot


A stunning edible bamboo from Papua New Guinea that have delicately arching foliage with canes that have white powder over a subtle smokey blue that grow to 40+ feet tall.  Read more...

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