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We have lots of leftover materials from the house construction, including wood, bamboo, metal roofing, and granite. We are so fortunate to have such talented and helpful friends. Brian and Monika assisted with all these projects. We also have had projects done by contractors. 

Farming Projects Video Update - (Feb. 2023)

This video is an overview of some of the larger projects on our land over the last year or so, including fencing, excavation and more. Video duration: 06:28

Lanai Bar Table Photos (Dec.-Mar. 2022)

We went to Kamuela Hardwoods saw mill in Waimea and bought 3 pieces of 9'x2' mango wood. Two for the bar table and 1 for a future outdoor tiki bar. This was our first resin project. 

Processing Table Photos (Nov. 2021)

We had a 6' piece of granite left over so this processing table assists us in processing fruit, coffee and is also a great craft table. See pictures of Laura's Christmas ornaments.

Water Pump/Filter Cover Photos (Sept./Oct. 2021)  

This project was not only done for aesthetics but also to protect the filters and the pump that provides our rain water.

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