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The Dispassionate

January 25,  2021


Much praise is heaped on those who have a passion, a word whose definition indicates having a strong, powerful and compelling emotion or feeling. Often these feelings are linked to the amorous and romantic in nature. Passion is also highly regarded for those who pursue arts and literature, music, medicine or mathematics. Passion is also found in religion and politics as well as astrology and astronomy, physics, metaphysics, the quantifiable and the unquantifiable.



Many of these examples call to mind the passions that can best be described as love in nature. However, love is not the only emotion or feeling that can be considered passionate. Hate too can be aroused to the point of passion. Many examples in history speak to this and the blood lust hatred that is aroused when a passion is left unchecked.


It has been said that there is a fine line between love and hate, so how is one to know which is which? Can it be plausible that which we think to be love might be hate in disguise? Is hating what we think is hate really considered to be ok?

Enter the dispassionate, the one without a passion. Typically one without is not something to be desired; however, to be free and unharmed by flames of a passion burning all in its wake is very desirable. The all consuming passion that can drive an individual mad has no effect on the dispassionate. In highly charged political or religious dogfights, the dispassionate are the ones who escape unaffected and uninjured because of their disconnectedness to an unreasonable passion.

“If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins” -Ben Franklin


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