This page showcases our gardening and food processing. Our goal is to combine 2 of our passions of gardening and cooking by growing local consumables to become as self-sustainable as possible and enjoy a farm-to-table lifestyle! 

We have been moved in for a little over a year and we are already producing squash/pumpkin, tomatoes, passion fruit (lillikoi), coffee, mamaki tea, herbs and most recently pineapples and guava and pretty soon we will have our first bananas and citrus! Most of these plants take 3-5 years to fruit but we were lucky enough to get keikis (babies) from our neighbors when we were building our house so we got a head start!

We recently acquired some chickens so we can have fresh eggs! We are enjoying the new addition to our family. It really feels like a farm now! Read our Newsletter Entitled "A Little Chicken Story"  and enjoy the fun video.

Video Shorts (~1-3 minutes)

Green Jackfruit Processing

Mamaki Tea Recipe

Jaboticaba Processing

See also Jaboticaba cocktails (Tiki Ladies website).

Jackfruit Seed Hummus (view recipe)

Ice Cream Beans

Our First Pineapples

Coffee Processing