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This page showcases our gardening and food processing. Our goal is to combine 2 of our passions of gardening and cooking by growing local consumables to become as self-sustainable as possible and enjoy a farm-to-table lifestyle! 

Most of the tropical plants we have take 3-5 years to fruit; however, we were lucky enough to get keikis (babies) from our neighbors when we were building our house so we got a head start! View a complete Plants List and our Bamboo page.

We recently acquired some chickens so we can have fresh eggs! We are enjoying the new addition to our family. It really feels like a farm now! Read our Newsletter Entitled "A Little Chicken Story"  and enjoy the fun video.


Video Shorts (~1-3 minutes)

Green Jackfruit Processing

Mamaki Tea Recipe

Jaboticaba Processing

See also Jaboticaba cocktails (Tiki Ladies website).

Jackfruit Seed Hummus (view recipe)

Ice Cream Beans

Our First Pineapples

Coffee Processing

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