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Newsletter:  Issue 4 - June 5, 2020

In This Edition

We share our first pictures of our Bamboo home being assembled at the Vietnam factory.

Tropical Leaves 7

If you have been following our progress, you know that our Bamboo home construction started in May with ground breaking with an excavator. We now have a house pad, and power and septic is close to completion.  You can watch our latest videos (including a new drone video) on the progress. Our home is a hybrid home, meaning the interior walls are constructed with wood framing and drywall and the ceiling and exterior walls are constructed from Bamboo at a factory in Vietnam, where they are assembled, disassembled, then shipped. We are very excited to have received our first pictures of progress on our Bamboo from the Vietnam factory.  Shipping is scheduled for July with arrival in August.

First Stage of Assembly - Note from Bamboo Living

"At this stage of the assembly, the hot-dipped galvanized steel connectors are being attached to the panels while they're lying flat. We're beginning to stand the panels up, starting with the walls. Once the connectors are all in and the walls are all up, the process is much faster and the trusses, collar ties, and full height walls will go up next. Eaves will be erected with porch panels, lanai panels, roof panels, and siding following in succession. Over the course of the next week the trusses, collar tie, full-height, and end walls will go up on the dummy walls which we've built for your hybrid home. I'll be sending you photos pretty regularly now that assembly is underway.  If there are any particular views of the home that you'd like to see along the way, please let me know and I'll be happy to capture them for you. I hope these photos help understand where we are in the process. It's an exciting time and in just a few short weeks the home will be complete and on its way to you!"  -- Bamboo Living

Full Height Gable Wall
full height wall.jpg
Full Height Walls for Loft
triangular wall panels.JPG
Various Wall and Roof Panels
various wall and roof panels.jpg
Triangular Roof Panels
triangular roof panel 2.jpg
Collar Tie Detail Under Assembly
collar tie detail.jpg
Front Gable End Panels
gable end panel.JPG
Collar Tie and Rear Gable Wall Before Assembly on Dummy Walls
walls and collar tie.jpg

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