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June 3,  2018

In the beginning was the question, and the question was with us, and the question was of us. Many people seem to live their lives in fervent pursuit of the answers to life's questions. This might be an attempt to assuage the apparent frustrations of the need to know. As helpful as answers can be, the importance of the questions cannot be overstated. It was the questions which first appeared in our collective minds and beckoned us to discover the answers. As in the game of Jeopardy, the answer we seek is what is the question.


To be a searcher after questions is to be contented with conflict. The conflict is this, that all answers to life's questions produce even more questions. The attempt to rid ourselves of this internal struggle by feverishly answering life's questions would seem to deny the very nature of our very paradoxical existence.


When it comes to answers, they are almost synonymous with opinions...everyone seems to have them and they are anxiously waiting to shower them upon anyone passing by. Furthermore, there can only be one answer to each question! With so many experts out there with all the answers, perhaps this is why we rarely meet those seeking the questions. 

In understanding the importance of the question and why it is vital, perhaps we can come to accept a life without definitive answers and find harmony where there was disharmony. Still the burning question remains: If we could answer all our questions, why would we want to sacrifice our gift of discovery in the process?


”Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”  -Voltaire

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